At last! It’s the end of the stressful, often fretful, messy, and inconvenient pet grooming experience.

Maybe you’ve noticed, but going to get groomed isn’t a pet’s favorite activity. They read our body language and immediately know they’re heading for something stressful. You’re agitated because it means getting hair all over the car or trying to trap a cat who isn’t fond of the carrier,dragging them through the store. Have kids? Then it’s trying to keep an eye on them while controlling your pet. Pet shops and mass-market pet stores that are now offering grooming are certainly not pleasant experiences for pets either. I know because I started my pet grooming career there. Pets are required to be caged at all times and are often kept there for hours without bathroom breaks until “it’s their turn”. This can be for six or more hours. Then there’s the incescent barking, howling or meowing of other fearful pets. Add to that the sound of multiple high decible dryers all going at once and it’s no wonder pets make a rush for the door when they’re done. I have heard from many owners that they think their dog was “drugged’ while at one of these shops. It most likely isn’t true. Most shops do not sedate, especially without written consent. Its more often a result of fatigue, high stress and dehydration. While most places have water bowls (which aren’t cleaned in between pets) most don’t drink out of them. Most places offer what I call the “assembly line grooming”. Pets come in around the same time, get shoved into a cage for a few hours, yanked out, washed, towel dried and shoved back in to sit, cold and shaking, under a cage dryer for several hours. They are then pulled back out and plopped onto a table for the grooming and even then are not reciving undivived attention. The groomer is distracted by people walking in and out, phone ringing and all of the other commotion going around around them. Many times there is one person to check in your pet, another to bath and ‘prep’ them, then they see the groomer and by the time you pick them up there’s another shift there to hand back your pet. Running things this way makes it hard to remember to tell the owner about that “mole you should have checked” or another vital piece of information about their beloved pet.

These experiences are what gave birth to Dog-Gone Stylin’. Not only were animals not going to be subjected to this kind of treatment, but neither were their owners.

At Dog-Gone Stylin’, Your best friends and our furry clients are treated royally, pampered to the fullest and treated with generous amounts of love and care… that’s our commitment to you… and your pet.